The foundation of our business is people.
We value openness and entrepreneurship.

Westa Investments Group is a professionally managed, modern enterprise with its
roots in Poland’s Małopolska province, with many years of experience, a long list
of satisfied partners and proven successes on the real estate and capital investment market.

The activities of Westa Group in the field of housing cover two segments – real estate development and social housing.

Real estate development is an area of activity carried out through SPVs . As part of this formula, we have successfully completed development projects i.a. in Krakow like: Zakątek Tyniecki, Facimiech Apartments, or one of the largest housing investments in Krakow - Osiedle Harmonia (Harmonia Housing Estate), including 16 buildings and over 1,000 apartments. In recent years, we have completed and commercialised buildings with a total usable area of nearly 60,000 square meters.

The social housing segment is the responsibility of company Krakowskie Towarzystwo Budownictwa Społecznego sp. z o.o. (KTBS), which is one of the oldest housing societies in Poland. During over 20 years of its operation, 13 multi-family buildings in the social housing system were built, including over 500 apartments. These are apartments with low rent, intended for families who cannot afford to build or buy their own apartment.

The companies of Westa Group, using their extensive experience in the real estate sector, successfully implement commercial investments for the leading chains of grocery stores, gas stations and DIY stores on the domestic and foreign markets.

Within this area of our activity, we conduct a comprehensive legal, technical and investment audit of a given property. We prepare the property so that the investment can be implemented, and then we arrange for signature of the contract of sale of the property prepared in this way to the target acquirer.

Land Developing is an area of activity in which entities that belong to the Westa Group acquire real estate from the market, analyse their further investment opportunities, and then comprehensively carry out all necessary legal and administrative procedures.
After obtaining a decision on development conditions, we undertake individual activities that lead to the stage of issuance of a final building permit decision. The ready-to-implement project is then carried out directly by one of our companies or sold “externally” or by SPVs from the residential or commercial sector.

Land developing activities are carried out from A to Z by our company or externally, on behalf of the investor.

Real estate management activities in Krakow and the surrounding area are carried out by company Krakowskie Towarzystwo Budownictwa Społecznego sp. z o.o. (KTBS). The second area of its activity, next to social housing, includes the management and administration of not only its own resources, but also housing communities.
Currently, these include properties with almost 600 apartments.

KTBS also has over 50,000 square metres of usable space, i.e. nearly 1,100 residential premises (inhabited by approximately 3,000 people), which it successfully manages.

Within Westa Group’s capital investment operations we provide professional advice and support in the field of capital investments, mainly in acquiring shares in companies and units in investment funds with high dividend potential or a forecast upward trend in value.
The Group’s greatest successes in this area include successful equity investments in entities listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and New Connect, incl. Ailleron, Ciech or Mercator Medical S.A.. Thanks to our advisers, it was possible for our clients to generate high profit on investment in a relatively short time.

The Group’s investment activity also includes acquisitions of controlling interests in companies and corporations, restructuring services or comprehensive support in the development and building of company’s value, with a simultaneous increase in the value of the acquired interest.

As part of the investment activities we offer our cooperating partners our knowledge, resources, and in some cases also capital.

Commercial law is one of the key areas of Westa Investments’ activity. Legal services for our clients are provided by Kancelaria Prawna Prawa Międzynarodowego Paluch i Wspólnicy sp.k. (KPPM Law Firm), which is a part of the Group. Specialists in the field of law, finance and urban planning of construction processes ensure professionalism and comprehensive service.

For the last 20 years we have provided our partners with legal services relating to transactions concluded on the real estate market. The group of satisfied clients of our Law Firm includes corporate entities such as Lufthansa Cargo, Carrefour Polska, Pekao Development or WBK Dom Maklerski. We are also responsible for the privatisation of the real estate of Ruch S.A. One of the greatest successes of our Law Firm is providing services to the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW), including auditing services and marketing and commercial operations which resulted in the several hundred percent increase in the value of the university’s property.